Happy Tails

I just wanted to send you a picture of Patrick. I adopted him the end of August 2014. He was just shy of 3 months of age. He is my first dog and I couldn't have asked for a better guy. He is so smart. He knows how to sit, come, stay, lie down and shake a paw. He knows the names of dogs and people and he loves it when you come to visit. He  really listens to you when you talk to him and he understands. He loves to give kisses and say hi to everyone he meets. He has filled my life with so much love and joy. 

Thank you. 

May 2017

I was just thinking that it was time to send our friends at TPDR an update on the "Pippster"!  This wee dog has grown... a lot more than I expected. She was such a skinny little thing when she arrived so I began with a superior Acana kibble and cooked chicken at breakfast, special no grain based dog treats for lunch and kibble with cooked extra lean beef and carrots at supper. She loves apple and raw carrot so needless to say I do not ever get to eat an apple without some help.
When she arrived she was terrified of walks, cars, trucks, busses, people and dogs. Not so much now. Pippi loves to go for her walks and is learning to walk nicely on leash. While she does not like loud trucks or busses rumbling by her she is so much calmer. And now Pippi loves to get out for a ride in the car. Her world expands every week with some new adventure.
She is a darling little girl with a great big personality. She has made it very clear that this is where she plans to live "furever".
Thank-you so much for Pippi!  She has taken over my heart and my life!      Heather

July 2017

‚ÄčSo glad to hear from you and happy to say Bob and I are enjoying Miss Chloe so much every day.  It was a bit touchy at first but now that she has settled into our home so nicely we can't imagine our house without her.

We have caught onto her routine and she to ours.  Can't say Maggie is thrilled about her being here but little by little she is becoming a little more accepting.

Chloe makes us laugh every day at something she does. She likes to twerk herself to encourage us to engage in some kind of play and she is a cuddler.

I don't know anyone at the present time that is looking to foster or adopt but believe me it is quite often my topic of conversation.  I would encourage anyone to consider it.  We have no regrets with our decision believe me--we love her so much already.