Hi Y'all, my name is Raymond (but everyone calls me Ray or RayRay)
I'm just here to say hello (as I'm not ready for adoption yet) and to give you a bit of my history.
I'm an 18 lbs Rat Terrier mix that was minding my own business living under an old Pickup truck in Alabama after being put out by my previous (abusive) family there (my foster dad says that's called being a feral).
I was taken in by a Rescue organisation there and sent to nice shelter in New York state who made space for me.
A family from Montreal saw me there and adopted me, but, after 2 weeks realized that I needed more socializing that what they could handle.
So, they dropped me off at the SPCA, who in turn, contacted my foster dad to see if he could help me, and I've been with him & my foster mom ever since (pheww, and it was about time because I was getting kind of dizzy with all the moving around...)
So I have now started to learn that I can trust dogs & human not to hurt me, even men.
I prefer being around mom and will still guard her from dad (even if he has been nothing but kind to me), but I'll now go see him for attention and petting, especially at dinner time (or when mom is not around).
Dad calls me his "Long Term Work in Progress" project, so I guess I'm going to be here for a while longer.
As usual, the nice people at Tiny Paws Dog Rescue have taken care of getting me vetted, neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated so that, when I AM ready to move on to a furever home, I'll be ready to go. :-)

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14 years (Forever Foster)

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