Surrenders and Shelters

Tiny Paws Dog Rescue will take dogs from owners who can no longer keep them provided that we have an available foster home, that the dog fits our weight requirement category (under 10 kg/22 lbs), and that the dog is not generally aggressive.

We generally cannot accept aggressive dogs or dogs that have bitten, for liability reasons. If your dog has exhibited reactivity/aggression in the past, we will contact you to discuss the situation.

We require a (minimum) mandatory surrender fee of $50 for all owners surrendering their dogs to our organization. This fee helps to offset our ever-increasing costs to provide quality veterinary care to our dogs prior to adoption.  We cannot pay for dogs but are willing to foster and rehome dogs that are surrendered to us.  

 We require a completed owner surrender form which provides us with information about your dog and states that you have released your animal into our care for adoption to a new home.

If you wish to discuss surrendering your dog, please contact:    

Robert Ennell: e-Mail

 We have assisted a number of shelters, animal control facilities and pounds and wish to continue and develop these important relationships.  If a shelter, animal control or pound wishes to contact us they can email us at or call the number listed above.