0>1  Years  = $650 
1<3  Years  = $500
3>10 Years = $400
10+> Years  = $300
Bonded Pairs -20%
Seniors (13+) For Seniors (66+) = $200

How To Adopt A Tiny Paws Dog

Our dogs available for adoption can be viewed on our Facebook page:

( https://www.facebook.com/pg/TPDRC/posts/ )

If there is a dog listed that you are interested in applying to adopt, please read his bio & description, and if YOU fulfill HIS/HER needs, follow the instructions at the bottom of the bio to request an adoption application form.
The completed application MUST be scanned and returned by email, but the original copy (with an original signature) must be kept and handed to us to finalize any adoption. 

- We process applications in the order in which they are received AFTER a dog has officially been post as “Ready for Adoption”.

- We DO NOT have waiting lists (so asking for an Adoption Application form BEFORE a dog is listed is pointless)

When we receive the application, a volunteer will contact the three references (a vet reference and two personal references) listed.

Once the references are completed and reviewed, we will contact you to arrange a home visit, and will come to your home and bring the dog you are interested in adopting so that you can interact with the dog in your environment (this is done whenever possible unless geography presents an issue). ALL members of the household MUST be present for the home visit.

A home visit report is completed and submitted to our Board of Directors for approval of the adoption. At the time of adoption, the adopter will receive an adoption contract, vetting information about their new dog and a receipt for the adoption fee.   All approved adopters must provide a tag with their contact information for their new dog’s collar on the adoption day.

Our adoption fees include all the vetting the dog required in our care.   Adoption fees are based on the age of the dog being adopted:

How to Adopt