I was just thinking that it was time to send our friends at TPDR an update on the "Pippster"!  This wee dog has grown... a lot more than I expected. She was such a skinny little thing when she arrived so I began with a superior Acana kibble and cooked chicken at breakfast, special no grain based dog treats for lunch and kibble with cooked extra lean beef and carrots at supper. She loves apple and raw carrot so needless to say I do not ever get to eat an apple without some help.
When she arrived she was terrified of walks, cars, trucks, busses, people and dogs. Not so much now. Pippi loves to go for her walks and is learning to walk nicely on leash. While she does not like loud trucks or busses rumbling by her she is so much calmer. And now Pippi loves to get out for a ride in the car. Her world expands every week with some new adventure.
She is a darling little girl with a great big personality. She has made it very clear that this is where she plans to live "furever".
Thank-you so much for Pippi!  She has taken over my heart and my life!      Heather

May 2017

April 2017

Bear is a blessing to our family.  He is full of love for everyone he meets.  My mom will be 100 this month, and where ever she goes, he goes.  Bear even goes to the mall and rides with her in the wheelchair.  He is an integral part of our family, and I would like to thank you for allowing him to be with us.  We love senior dogs, because they aren't as excitable as puppies, but still want to play.  I have another senior rescue dog and we have had him for 8 years.  He is 17 and still going strong.  I would highly recommend adopting a senior rescue into your homes as they have so much love to give.  Thank you for Bear. 
Yours sincerely
Linda Sneddon

March 2017

Happy Tails

We have always talked about getting a dog and kept putting it off because of timing as we have busy work schedules.   Charlie’s posting was sent by my Mom and as soon as I saw his little face, I was convinced that he was meant to come home with us. I appreciate how thorough the adoption process was – it gave Chris and I time to ask questions, get prepared and also ensure that Charlie was the right fit for us. Since bringing him home in November, our lives have been so positively impacted. He brings so much happiness and his playful personality is so fun to be around every day. We have both slowed down to enjoy his company and it is a new level of responsibility that we have welcomed immensely. Thank you so much for choosing us to be your new parents Charlie!       Brittany and Chris