Wonka is a senior Shih Tzu mix that came into our care in November 2015. This senior lady had all but four teeth removed when she came into care, but that has never stopped her from taking life head on and accepting the challenge to eat anything she can. This chubby lady has to work hard to keep her love of food in check, but her love of walks and the outdoors helps keep her healthy. She is on a special diet because of issues with her bladder and pancreas. Wonka has no interest in her many toys, but will spend hours outside wandering and going for walks. She is a cuddly, lovable girl with lots of attitude. Her favourite part of the day (after breakfast/dinner) is playing with the neighbourhood kids and stealing toys from the dog next door. She loves napping with her budgie friend on her back during the day. Wonka is living a happy retirement life with her wonderful foster family and is a spoiled, much loved member of the household. 

We hope that you take a few moments to read about the dogs in our Forever Foster Program.

Although our goal is to find wonderful forever homes for the dogs that come into our care, sometimes the decision is made for a dog to join our Forever Foster Program.  This may be due to the dog's age, chronic or terminal illness, or other special circumstances.  When we commit to taking a dog into Tiny Paws, it is a promise that we give that dog for its lifetime - to provide a loving home environment and medical care for it to lead a full and happy life, and a peaceful and dignified passing over the Rainbow Bridge when the time for that journey arrives.  Thanks goes out to our amazing Forever Foster families who open their homes and hearts to these special dogs and provide them with love and compassionate care for the rest of their days.

Our Forever Fosters often have ongoing medical costs and special needs.  Please consider helping us provide these deserving dogs with the care that they need - it is truly a gift of a lifetime for that dog.  All donations over $10.00 receive a charitable tax receipt.

Forever Foster Program


Roxy came to us from a shelter in March 2017.  She had been found on the streets, and appeared to have been neglected or struggling on her own for a while.  Her age was estimated at 14, and she was quite fragile and in poor medical condition when she came into our care.  She was subsequently diagnosed with vestibular disease, had evidence of a previous lower back injury, and has reduced hearing. 

Roxy has integrated in to her foster home very well and has formed a close bond with her foster mom Marlene and the other dogs in the home; she is often found curled up with her fur foster brother Grover in the sunshine.  She loves her short walks, and has a good appetite.  Marlene has given her dedicated and loving care and kindly offered this sweet and gentle senior a forever foster home for the remainder of her lifetime.  We hope that Roxy will enjoy many more days of comfort and love with Marlene and her dog friends.   

allows you to make a donation online with payment by credit card.  A tax receipt can be printed from your own computer.


Sadie was surrendered to Tiny Paws in December 2011.  Her previous owner had passed away, and after spending about 4 weeks in a garage being visited once daily by a family member, a kind Samaritan took Sadie in, but was not in a position to keep her.  Sadie was approximately 9 years of age, and was understandably very stressed from the loss of her human companion and the home that she had loved.   Brenda kindly took Sadie in as a foster and she has remained with her ever since.  After spending almost 3 years in foster care, we felt that Sadie would be happiest as a Forever Foster and Brenda agreed to provide Sadie with a loving Forever Foster Home for the balance of her lifetime.  Sadie and Brenda and her family share a very deep bond and we hope that they will have many more days of love to share together.