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Thinking About Adopting a Dog?

  It’s wonderful that you are thinking of adopting a rescued dog – thank you for visiting our website.  Every rescued dog adopted actually saves two lives – the life of the dog adopted, and the foster home spot that is opened up to take in another dog in need.

   We strive to find each of our Tiny Paws dogs a loving forever home where they will thrive and share a lifetime of love and joy with their new family.   Many of the dogs that have come into our care have been through a difficult and stressful time with the recent changes in their lives, and there also is an adjustment period as they settle in their new adopted home.    Please be prepared to provide the patience, love and time for them to become comfortable in their new environment and learn the routines of the household.   

  Adopting a dog requires a commitment of your time for the rest of that dog’s lifetime – if you lead a busy lifestyle with many hours away from your home or lots of lifestyle changes are ahead, this probably isn’t the right time to add a dog to your family.  To ensure a successful adoption you’ll need to be able to provide the structure, guidance, exercise and routine that a dog requires to be happy. 

   It’s most important to apply for a dog that you feel will be a good match for your lifestyle – consider things like your activity level, housing  (easy access to a yard, neighbors in a shared housing situation), other family pets, and the medical and other costs involved with owning a dog.   Small dogs often have a longer lifespan – a small dog of 8 or 9 years of age still has many years of love and companionship to offer usually without the exercise requirements and training that a younger dog requires.   Many small dogs tend to be nervous and unpredictable around young children, and are prone to injury due to their smaller size.  Unless we know that a dog has a positive history around young children, we do not adopt to families with children under the age of 10, to ensure the safety of the children and our rescued dog.

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